Deception Technology

Sends attackers into secure IT parallel worlds


What is Deception Technology?

In a blog post, we use a real-world example to explain what Deception Technology is and how it stands out from other solutions.

Criminal hackers use the principle of deception to obtain your business-critical data with the help of phishing, social engineering or scamming. CYBERTRAP‘s Deception Technology solution reverses this principle, providing attackers with false information that they cannot distinguish from real data.


Reduction of the dwell time

Established security products require a certain “learning time” because they focus on collecting large amounts of data and analyzing it. This allows criminal hackers to stay and move around a corporate network for months – because without activating ransomware, the attacker will not be detected.

The Deception Technology designed by CYBERTRAP identifies those attackers who have overcome all security levels and are already in the infrastructure. These hackers are immediately redirected to a test environment where they cannot cause any damage and all actions are monitored.




CYBERTRAP‘s Deception Technology solution places decoys (lures) at endpoints that attackers normally use to move around the network undetected. Since these lures are custom designed for the network, the attacker cannot distinguish them from actual network elements. Once the attacker uses the decoy, he is redirected to a secured environment (decoys) where he cannot do any damage.

CYBERTRAP as a reliable partner

We trust the Austrian company CYBERTRAP, leading provider of Deception Technology in Europe and therefore exclusively offer the Deception Technology solution designed by CYBERTRAP.

Our reasons that speak for CYBERTRAP:

+ Simple, non-invasive integration into the customer environment (especially for cloud deployments)

+ No false positives

+ Real-time forensic data

+ Unmask Insider Threats

+ Zero Day Malware Detection

+ Hardly any infrastructural requirements on the customer side

+ Security from Europe*

+ Cost saving

* Beware of Deception technology providers headquartered outside Europe!The US Cloud Act gives US authorities the right to access data on EU servers if the owner is a US citizen, lives in the US, or is a company registered in the US. Thus, the deception provider becomes the owner by providing a virtual hard disk on a foreign network.

Your most important benefits


CYBERTRAP as a cloud deployment within the scope of an Anovis Managed Service, means little operational effort on the customer side

“Fire alarm”

Even if no other “fire protection measures” were set ahead of time, the fire alarm reliably reports the fire.

Managed Service

CYBERTRAP as a managed service from Anovis opens up many more possibilities, such as handling incident response processes or catch & refine.

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