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"Cyberattacks can hit any company - regardless of size or industry."


New threats and sophisticated attacks show that the danger of cyber attacks should not be underestimated and that anyone can be affected. So the question is not if, but when it will hit you. Many attacks can be averted with technological and organizational solutions, but the possible attack methods are increasing too rapidly to protect against all their manifestations.


In order to detect security incidents in the long term, a functioning security monitoring system is required. First and foremost, this includes so-called detection & response solutions, which are deployed downstream of preventive security systems.

Why should companies rely on security monitoring nowadays? What benefits do they derive from it? And what is it all about?


Security Event Management

The continuous analysis and classification of alerts and events is very time-consuming and requires specialized knowledge.

Incident Management

Rapid detection and alerting of cybersecurity incidents around the clock.


Remediate or isolate threats to initiate effective countermeasures.

Holistic package for Security-Visibility 

Anovis offers the Managed Security Service „Anovis Security Monitoring“ (ASM), a solution that maximizes the ability to quickly detect and respond to cyber attacks in a timely manner.


Managed Vulnerability Management

Continuous, external vulnerability scans provide you with an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of all vulnerabilities at any time, as well as vulnerability categorization into high, medium and low risk.


Managed Network Detection and Response (NDR) & OT Threat Detection

Managed NDR & OT Threat Detection are used in IT and OT environments. For network traffic analysis, anomaly detection and file analysis in web, mail and file transfers using sandboxing technology in both IT and OT environments.


Managed Deception Solution

Using deception technology, attackers who have already infiltrated the enterprise can be redirected and isolated into a protected, monitored environment using targeted decoys. In addition, this solution has analytics capabilities that provide comprehensive intelligence and forensic data for rapid countermeasures.


Threat Intelligence

Another important component of ASM is Threat Intelligence. Both commercial and free feeds are used in Anovis Security Monitoring to provide advanced attack detection and verify existing threats.


Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM correlates all data relevant to IT security in a central location and evaluates it in real time. We provide you with holistic SIEM solutions and also offer use cases, event analyses and best practices to help you implement the right measures in the event of an alert.

Your most important benefits

  • Proactive monitoring of security events
  • Real-time detection of security events and presentation of the threat situation
  • Assessment of occurring security events
  • Protection against internal and external threats
  • Visualization of your IT security status
  • Continuous improvement of information security
  • Reduces the time to detect attacks
  • Foundation for rapid response to cybersecurity incidents
  • Improve responsiveness
  • Proactively minimizes security vulnerabilities to prevent cyber attacks
  • Initiates actions to defend against cyber attacks
  • Reduces damage through rapid attack detection and immediate response to alerts, 24/7/365

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